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In which they don't understand...anything (Missing the Mark and Deflating Atheism Part 3)

The Flat Square Earth and the AC/DC Sun

Hello, My Name is Kent Hovind 11: Moths are the worst

Religion still exists because TIME was ATTACKED!

Google Is Your God Now (because it's the 23rd century)

Logicked Judges DarkMatter2525

God Exists Because Bacteria Can Think (Dormanian Argument Round 2)

Why are we here? Because FUCK LOGIC (Joe Muslim 3-1)

God exists professors even have brains? (Joe Muslim 3-2)

Faith beats evidence because God has trust issues

Johan Oldenkamp shares his truth (which isn't true) (and makes no sense)

Proving New Age woo by rewriting Genesis 1 (Johan Oldenkamp P2)

The atheist FBI and IRS attacked LoneStar's computers!

Making Genesis even dumber somehow (Johan Oldenkamp P3)

Burn in hell, Stephen Hawking! Haha!

Missing the Mark's Stupid Logicked Parody (Response)

Evolution is fake because orca-cow-pandas don't exist? (Johan Oldenkamp P4)

The moon is a ball of flat Earths in a spherical mirror. Also, reptoids.

Kids are dumb, therefore Allah

Jesus is real because...Indians?